I never would have thought that Pilates would become my passion,my constant thought process and my lifestyle. When my roommate showed me the ad to become a certified Pilates Instructor in University, I originally thought I need a distraction from school and a pass time. Pilates has given me not only that but also a career.

Side lift with a front kick in sight of the mountains

I’ve built amazing relationships with clients that have taught me so much. Clients tell me they love how I try to educate them as I instruct, but little do they know I learn so much from our communication and their bodies. I constantly am educating myself about new scenarios that come into the studio and by practicing myself.

In a previous blog, I talk about my car accident and how I try to use this as a learning experience so I can be better for my clients. Pilates probably saved my life that night. I had a police officer tell me, after reading the report, I am so lucky I lived. Pilates helps one have a strong body and mind. Pilates not only helped protect me during the impact but also has helped my recovery process. I still have my days were I am in pain, but I know I can choose the right exercises and get myself moving.

Even as I write this blog, I took a break to do a few Pilates exercises, since my back doesn’t like sitting at the moment. I’ve been very lucky I have found something that I love that keeps my body and mind strong healthy and active. Pilates allows me to do my daily activities with more ease, stand with a proper posture, and relieve stress. Try to find something for yourself that has the same impact on your life!