Why Pilates?

The benefits of Pilates

Pilates is an innovative system of low-impact aerobic exercise that can be performed either on a floor mat or on licensed Reformer equipment at our Nanaimo Pilates studio.

Pilates is widely considered to be one of the best abdominal and core workouts and it can greatly improve your flexibility and balance. It’s renowned for dramatically transforming how your body looks, feels and performs; regular Pilates practice can improve flexibility and agility, alleviate pain, increase mental focus and promote economy of motion.

Much like yoga or ballet, Pilates helps foster body awareness, improve your posture and develop graceful movements. It’s commonly associated with promoting weight loss, increased flexibility, sharpened mental focus and toning a leaner figure.

Pilates is of particular benefit to seniors and anyone with injuries or mobility issues.

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How can Pilates help you?

Here’s what one of Rachel’s long-time Nanaimo Pilates clients has to say about her experience with Return to Form Pilates:

“Pilates is a very thorough and complete muscular workout, which means you end up using muscle groups that are rarely activated in your regular workouts. You’ll be moving, stretching and working your muscles in ways they never been worked before—so, with this, comes deepened muscle activation. Over time, I know from personal experience how this can lead to better function of your nervous system… which of course, is why so many practitioners report enormous emotional and mental benefits from Pilates.”

-Moira Irving, longtime client, Return to Form Kinesiology & Pilates

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“Rachel has been providing me with one on one Pilates, exercise sessions and nutritional guidance. Her enthusiasm and professionalism combined with her innovative programs have helped me to begin to realize my goals. I highly recommend her.”

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