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Return to Form Kinesiology & Pilates specializes in facilitating your transition back into the workplace after a serious injury or accident.

Rachel Robertson is a certified Kinesiologist with more than a decade of experience in active rehabilitation. She specializes in providing physical assessments, personal training for injury recovery and in teaching Pilates as a rehabilitation tool.

Injury assessment & individualized rehabilitation

Rachel uses her education, experience and industry-leading tools to assess your individual functionality, motor skills and overall physical performance after sustaining an injury. She’ll work alongside your healthcare team to develop an informed, holistic understanding of your unique situation so that you can receive the best treatment available.

Once this is accomplished, Rachel will work with you to design a structured, graduated exercise program to ease your safe and timely transition back into the workplace – as well back to all of your other routines, fitness regimes and day-to-day living activities.

Return to Work services

  • Jobsite visits assessing, designing and adjusting your workplace environment to help facilitate your return
  • Job demand analysis to reduce occupational risk factors and adapt workplace conditions to better suit your needs
  • Worker safety education injury prevention training and workplace-specific education on ergonomics, posture and equipment operation to optimize your recovery

To learn more about how you can Return to Form after your injury or accident – contact us with your questions, book an appointment, or call (250) 618-7853 or today!

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“Rachel has a vast knowledge of her profession and is very innovative. I am never bored with our workouts. Rachel is always very encouraging; I actually look forward to our sessions and I would recommended her without reservation.”

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