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Training for a big event? Trying to lose a few pounds? Working on improving your overall strength and conditioning? Return to Form Kinesiology & Pilates provides personalized training and conditioning plans designed with you in mind – tailored to help you achieve your fitness goals and adapted to your individual needs.

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Every individual is unique, and your training program should be too. Learn how to fuel your workouts and meet your macros, reduce your risk of injury, perfect your form, set realistic goals and maximize your results.

Rachel Robertson
is a certified personal trainer, recognized by the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals, with over a decade of experience in athletic coaching.

Both her background as a Pilates instructor and her degree in Kinesiology, with a minor in Nutrition, give her a unique edge in helping you achieve your training and conditioning goals.

Strength is the foundation of any fitness program – and at the core of living a healthy life. Rachel will show you the specific skills you’ll need to succeed – playing up your strengths, working on your weaknesses and smashing your training goals!

To schedule private training and condition sessions, contact us with your questions, book an appointment, or call (250) 618-7853 or today!

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“Rachel has a vast knowledge of her profession and is very innovative. I am never bored with our workouts. Rachel is always very encouraging; I actually look forward to our sessions and I would recommended her without reservation.”

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