Rachel Robertson of Return to Form is a licensed YUR Back instructor. YUR Back program was developed by Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby, who is an orthopedic physical therapist. The goal of YUR Back program is to provide the client with a work out that will increase strength and flexibility while avoiding an increase in low back symptoms. The program does not claim to diagnose low back conditions, reduce low back pain or replace the care of a doctor. With time the clients find that their activity levels increase without an increase in symptoms and sometimes their symptoms will then decrease as strength and flexibility improve. Ultimately, the program strives to keep the body and mind healthy with the presence of low back pain.



YUR is an acronym for YOU UNDER RECONSTRUCTION and that is the theme for the program. The concept is to rebuild the strength and flexibility that has been lost while the body has been in pain and regain proper movement patterns. The program teaches clients the difference between good and bad pain, which movements are good for them and which ones to avoid, and it builds the confidence for the client to begin living again.

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“Rachel has been providing me with one on one Pilates, exercise sessions and nutritional guidance. Her enthusiasm and professionalism combined with her innovative programs have helped me to begin to realize my goals. I highly recommend her.”

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