One-on-one & small group training

  Achieve all of your fitness goals – whether they are weight-loss based, rehabilitation-oriented, sports-driven, health-related or otherwise. Return to Form Kinesiology & Pilates provides custom one-on-one and small group training designed with you in mind – tailored to help you achieve your fitness goals, and adapted to your individual needs. Personal training and conditioning sessions are available either in your own home or at the Return to Form in-home gym and studio. Group training is ideal for small groups of three to four people. Workouts will be tailored to your group’s goals, preferences and abilities. As with personal training, workouts can be conducted at our Nanaimo gym & studio, or at your own location. Personal training & small group sessions may include:  

  • Weight and strength training
  • Balance
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Guidance in healthy eating and nutrition plans

Personal & small group training prices

  All prices are in Canadian dollars + GST.


Private personal training:


1 class $65/hour (x1 hour-long sessions)
6 Pack: $378 (x6 hour-long sessions)
12 Pack: $756 (x12 hour-long sessions)
20 Pack: $1260 (x20 hour-long sessions)



Semi-Private training (2 people):


1 class $84/hour (x1 hour-long sessions)
6 Pack: $432 (x6 hour-long sessions)
12 Pack: $828 (x12 hour-long sessions)



Group Training:


3 People: 1 class $90/hour (x1 hour-long sessions)
4 People: 1 class: $100 (x1 hour-long sessions)





Looking for classes?

  See upcoming strength training and Pilates classes in Nanaimo taught by Rachel Robertson – registered Kinesiologist, certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and Balanced Body CoreAlign® Master Instructor. Discover the difference that working with a certified personal trainer can make! To book one-on-one or group training – contact us with your questions, view our classes, or call (250) 618-7853 or today!